Aggie Belles: A History


On April 20, 2012,

the fifteen founding members came together from various student organizations across campus with one mission in mind: to unite female leaders across campus through the three pillars of leadership, sisterhood, and service.


Throughout the first five months, these fifteen women established the foundation and constitution of the organization. In September of 2012, Aggie Belles became an official Texas A&M University student organization and began its first new member selections process. Over 300 women applied to become members and the staff selected 50 new members to commence their first year.


Throughout the year, Aggie Belles raised money for their philanthropy, Children's Miracle Network, and participated in a wide variety of service events across campus and throughout the community. Aggie Belles made lasting bonds with other student organizations and worked to spread the word about the organization on campus. In the organization's second year of existence, Aggie Belles continued to grow its positive reputation on campus and increased awareness about its philanthropy. In February 2014, the first Aggie Dance Marathon was held on campus and the event raised over $33,000. In the years following Aggie Belles' creation, the organization has continued to thrive through its three pillars, constantly adapt and grow, and strengthen itself on the foundation that was set from the beginning.


The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do
— Steve Jobs

Belles: Through the Years